Oh so much disinformation on this one. How about we hear from an actual Mayan on what his ancestors said? The following video goes through a short history of the popular “legend” (which started in 15th century Europe), allows us to hear a very short explanation in the words of an actual Mayan elder, and ends with an older documentary that confirms what the elder said. Spoiler: the date represented the time period of the “return of the ancestors.” None of this is the hype most people heard (after 1983), and for that reason we should ask…”Why the lies and cover up?”

The next video goes into more depth about “Bolon Yokte” and what its descent and/or visibility could mean. The questions I ask now (8 years later) are: “Who or what was it? Was it visible, or did it descend in 2012, and if so, where? And did anyone see it?”

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