Contrary to what most religions assume, the book of Revelation chapter 12 also gives us a timeline of events, starting with the sign (at the Abomination of Desolation) and ending at the asteroid and rescue of the Bride.

The heavenly sign described in Revelation 12 is a very significant factor in the timeline to the asteroid. Most religions completely disregard it, but it is directly associated with the Abomination of Desolation Jesus’ told us to watch for.

Many Christians believe the sign occurred in 2017 but they were misled. So before I show what the sign actually is, and when it occurred, let’s look at how we know the 2017 event was not the sign:

The following video explains why the sign in 2012 was the true sign. I published this many years before others came up with the false one, but as Jesus said, most do not want to hear the truth. Both of the next two videos go into all of chapter 12, and the first video covers the first 5 verses, which is the sign:

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