9 REASONS for RAPTURE in 2021!

Hold on tight, because this is like nothing else you have heard, and if you really ponder on the things I am about to show you, I hope you will see how amazing this is! NINE reasons the rapture may really happen in 2021!

You may want to check out this quick 8 minute video before you read (CLICK HERE if video does not load) but this video does not cover everything on this page.

1: BLESSED DAY 2020-2026

The first reason 2020-2021 is such a high watch for the rapture is that we entered the “blessed day” window in 2020. The 1335 days in Daniel 12:12 end on the “blessed day” which is a reference to the rapture. They are directly associated with the Abomination of Desolation and the 1290 days (or years). The 1335 days (or years) either start when the 1290 days start, or they start when the 1290 days end. On this timeline, they started when the Abomination was set up (at the end of the 1290 years): 685-691 CE. This gives an end window of seven years: 2020-2026. That means the Blessed Day could be 2020, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, or 26!


Second, the end of the “Tribulation of Days.” Some of you may want to stop here thinking there is no way we could be in the tribulation right now, but please, bear with me, I will explain! The 1260 days are more elusive. We are told they start when the Woman flees and they end at the rapture and asteroid impact. The major clues we are given about the fleeing of the Woman, is that, “she” flees after the Abomination of Desolation is set up, and after the Sign of Revelation 12. This tells us the Sign must happen along with the Abomination, and the Abomination, we know, must match the Daniel 11 timeline.

Abomination of Desolation 685-691

Considering these clues, we see that the Abomination (Dome of the Rock) was set up between 685-691 and the sign occurred in 686, which means the Woman (Judea, in that case) fled sometime shortly after that.

Fleeing of Judea End 785-791

We know, from historical records, that the Jews fled Jerusalem when the Dome was set up but it took years for them to flee. It is reasonable to use one generation as a general time period for the fleeing, since this fleeing included many, many families (probably thousands) but it would not be reasonable for this single event to span hundreds of years. Therefore, the maximum time span for this fleeing would most likely be the maximum length of one generation: 100 years (Genesis 15:13-16). If the fleeing of Judea started from 685-691 CE, then it would end, at least 100 years later in 785-791 CE.

Does not Concern the Papacy

Many scholars have set the start of the 1260 years from 754-758 CE, based on the start of the papacy.  1260 years after 758 ended in 2018, and Jesus said immediately after this time period the asteroid will hit and the elect will be taken to heaven (Matthew 24:29-31). 2020 doesn’t really qualify as “immediately after” 2018, however, the text is not about the Papacy here. The bible says the 1260 days start at the fleeing of Judea after the setting up of the Abomination (685-691).

Window of Time

We do not know the exact start of the 1260 years, therefore, we cannot know the exact end of it. We only know it started after 685 and continued for at least one generation, which gives us a full 100 year window starting in 685691. So the end of the 1260 days (or years) is 1945-2045. More elusive, but we are still within the window, nonetheless. If this explanation still doesn’t convince you that we are in the Tribulation of the Days now, then please see Jesus’ Timeline and/or the DANIEL page.


Third, the 400 year affliction is also ending now. This is becoming unbelievable! How are so many biblical prophecy timelines ending right now?! The affliction is another one of those mysteries that the church doctrine did not get right. The most important point to understand in how it relates to the rapture, is that Deuteronomy 28-30 explains that the Israelites will be brought into Egypt again in ships (Babylon the Great is Egypt), sold into slavery, and at the end of 400 years of affliction they will gathered in HEAVEN and then return their homeland FROM HEAVEN! Also, at this point, GOD WILL RETURN! It is clear in chapter 30 that the 400 year affliction must end when God returns at the rapture. This means it did not occur in ancient times. We are at the end of it RIGHT NOW (1620-2020)! See the video link above to understand.


Fourth, Jesus told us that once the Fig Tree branch puts forth leaves, one generation shall not pass before all the things he mentioned in chapter 24 have come to pass. The only things in that chapter that have not been fulfilled yet are the asteroid impact and rescue. The Fig Tree is Israel (Hosea 9:10) and the country of Israel was created by the UN in November 1947 and officially declared and occupied in May of 1948. The maximum length of one generation is 100 years, therefore, the window for this final generation is 1948-2048. More confirmation that we are in the window now.

5: FINAL “WEEK” 2018-2025

Fifth, recent Daniel 9 fulfillments. Daniel 9 has been partially fulfilled very recently. The covenant was confirmed in the midst of the week in January 2021!

Seventy Seven until the End of Sins

As it is, Daniel 9 tells us that once the “going forth of the decree to restore Jerusalem” occurs, we have Seventy Seven until the “end of sins.”  Could this be 77 years? Yes, and it appears that decree refers to the creation of Israel in 1947-48.

Seven, Seven, and Sixty-Two Shavuot

This means that if the Daniel 9 prophecy started in 1948 (and it really, I mean REALLY, looks like it did, because the “seven, seven, and 62 shavuots” occurred right on schedule with the man called Messiah) then the end of sins would have to occur 77 years later by 2025.

The Prince That Shall Come

The “Prince that shall come” confirmed the covenant in the midst of the week in 2021! This is a complex timeline. Go to the DANIEL page for the details.

The Final Shabuwa

In short, the recent fulfillments of Daniel 9 indicate we are in the final shabuwa now, which means the desolation by a flood is due now, and that flood is the asteroid impact. The prophecy says the flood (asteroid hitting the sea) will occur in the midst of that final week, so that narrows our window to 2020-2025. Watch the video below:

6: END OF 70 YEARS 2018-?

Sixth, the 70 year period in Jeremiah 25 started when the nations around Jerusalem began to “serve” the King of Babylon, which Revelation 17:8-11 tells us is the eighth king (the United Nations). The start of this time period is also elusive because we do not know when, exactly, they began to serve the UN, but we know it was sometime after 1948. Jeremiah explains, that at the end of that 70 years, the eighth king and Babylon (covering the whole earth) will fall. The falling of Babylon over the whole earth is the asteroid impact.  So this is also confirmation that we are in the window for the end of that 70 years. That window opened in 2018. This is also explained on the DANIEL page.

7: START OF 42 MONTHS 2021

Seventh, the Final Beast and the Lamb who speaks like a Dragon must continue for 42 months  (3.5 years) after the asteroid and blaspheme the Bride, who has been taken to heaven for that time period. That 42 month period is obviously not the end of sins, it is the continuation of sins, therefore, it must start, at the very minimum, 3.5 years before the end of Daniel’s timeline. That means, 3.5 years before 2025. If these are the true fulfillments (and you can decide for yourself whether or not you believe it is, but please evaluate the timeline before you do) then the rapture of the Bride must occur in either 2020 or 2021!

The next question, then, is when in 2020 or 2021? We cannot know the day or hour, but we can look at certain windows within the year that are significant. Obviously, the first month and seventh months are important watch periods, the month of Shavuot (wheat harvest), and the tenth month are significant. Following the ancient calendar, we have more watches because we look at both the southern and northern hemisphere appointed times.

8: SAINTS in the HAND Ending NOW

Who are the Saints in the Hand?

In short, they are the people who the Little Horn (Israel) has made war with, who are in the Hand (Persia). Watch the video below for a more in-depth explanation:

When Does Their Persecution End?

Daniel 7:25 explains that the Separate of Alah will lay in the Hand of the Little Horn (Persia) for a Time, and Times, and the Dividing of a Time. The following video explains that this can be multiple periods of time including 70, 73.5, and 77 years. The Little Horn made war against them starting in 1948, which means 2021 marks the current possible end of that, and 2025 is the next end. This matches the 42 month timeline as well. Some of the Separate of Allah will fly to safety at the asteroid impact, and others will remain until the 3.5 years (42 months) of darkness are over.


In Hosea 6:2 it says: “For lifetimes we will remain alive and in the third day be raised up alive from the surface.” Each day represents a thousand years, as explained in 2 Peter 3:8. Hosea wrote the prophecy sometime between 792 to 750 BC, which means the third day started between 1209-1251 CE and will end between 2209-2251. This means we are in the third day now, but what is more interesting is that 2021 is 770 years from the start of that day. Watch the video below for a more in-depth explanation:

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