Fulfillments of bible prophecies for the past 2600 years indicate an asteroid may hit earth (ending life as we know it) between 2020-2025. 

This is intensive research I have doing for over 30 years and began publishing in 2011. It is not my intention to continue this research after the year 2025.

The bible doesn’t just tell us about this asteroid, giving clues about where it will hit and when, it also talks about it’s orbit:

There is an encoded timeline (basically a countdown to the asteroid impact) in the Bible that I explain (in less than 30 minutes) in the video below. For more details see the dropdown menu above.

The charts below show the scriptures and the common terms associated with each coded event on the timeline:

The Bible explains that there will be a huge rescue when this asteroid hits, but the following video also provides some advise for anyone wondering where they should go if and when it happens:

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