Why the 10th Month is a Rapture Watch
Jesus’ parable of the King and the Remnant refers to the book of Esther

There are several reasons the Tenth Month is an important watch for the rapture/escape. You can watch the video here or read below.

Parable of the King

Matthew 22:2-8 tells a riddle about a certain King who made a Marriage for his son. In this riddle, the King invites the Remnant but they refuse to come. This certain King represents God, but it also represents the King in the book of Esther.

The Queen

In Esther 1:10-12 this King invites the Queen Vashti to a Feast but she refuses to come. Revelation 18:7 tells us the Queen is Babylon the Great. In verse 5 it says God remembered the iniquities of Queen Babylon. This is paralleled in Esther 2:1: The King remembered the Queen and what she had done. Because of Babylon’s iniquities, the Wrath of God will be poured out on it. This is explained in Revelation 15, 16, and 18. It is also paralleled in Esther 2:1. The King was Wrath because of what the Queen had done.

The Bride

The next connection is found in Matthew 25:1-10: It says the Kingdom of Heaven is like Ten Virgins, five of them are wise and five are foolish. In Esther 2:3,4 we are told the Virgins were gathered together for the Marriage.

In Matthew 24:31, the elect are gathered together at the end of the Tribulation of Days. In Luke 17:30-37 it says that at this same time, one will be Taken and the other Left. In Esther 2:16,17 it says Esther was taken into marriage (after the Queen was left), and she was taken in the tenth month. Esther represents the Bride, who are the five wise virgins in Matthew 25 who go into the marriage.

The Marriage

The Marriage takes place in Heaven and the Bride descends back to Earth from Heaven as the Wife of the Lamb of God in Revelation 21:2,9. This Bride represents a Nation of People in Matthew 21:43: The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken from Babylon the Great and given to a Nation bringing forth the fruits of Heaven.

This Nation is a Multitude of all Tribes and Nations, explained in Revelation 7:9-17. This Bride Multitude is the Woman who flies to safety in Revelation 12 verse 14. These scriptures give us the timing clues that are explained under the drop down menu “Asteroid Timeline”, or more specifically, the Revelation 12 timeline.


The tenth month represents the taking of the Bride to the Marriage. It represents the rapture.

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