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2012 in the Bible

Seven Major Prophecies Fulfilled 1947-2012

Three of those Major Prophecies were Fulfilled in the Year 2012!

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In this book, I will prove to you:

  1. The words attributed to Jesus in the first century CE accurately predicted future events thousands of years into the future.
  2. Jesus said there will be three times of trouble and the third will be the grand event.
  3. The riddle of the Beasts in the book of Daniel and Revelation tell us when this coming disaster will occur by identifying key world empires and their corresponding leaders.
    • One of the leaders identified is Barack Obama! And this is one of the most complex and precise prophecies out of all of them!
  4. The Bible says a group of non-humans is currently mingling with the seed of humans…
  5. But a rescue will occur at this coming disaster, and take a huge multitude of humans to a safe place for 3.5 years, then return them to repopulate a restored Earth.
  6. The major event Jesus warned will occur before the rescue & disaster, occurred exactly as predicted by Daniel Chapter 12 in the year 2012!
    • The 1290th day in August and the 1335th day in September
  7. And right after this major heralding event, the exact sign described in Revelation 12 occurred in October of 2012 on the ancient Appointed Time of Trumpets!

Most Christians and Jews are completely unaware that these major heralding events have already occurred because they have pre-concieved notions that are based upon ancient doctrines. But Daniel wrote that no one would understand these prophecies until the END!

We will also briefly look at the secret message that was encoded in these ancient texts that gives us precise details about the large-scale religious hoax that binds it’s followers in lies and deters many from learning the truth about their lives.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you will find the solutions to many of these ancient mysteries, including the archeological research that indicates the Mayans accurately predicted the passage of Comet ISON in 2013!

I wish I could give this away, but I cannot afford to. However, I want everyone to have access to this, so I priced it at only 5 dollars (you can give more if you choose). The Kindle version is also available on Amazon, but it is not printable. The printable PDF is only available here. The purchase here is handled through E-Junkie, a reputable service for the delivery of digital content. When you click on “Add to Cart” below, you will be forwarded to the purchase page where you can pay with either PayPal or a credit card, then open and even print the PDF version of the book. The PDF file will also be delivered to your email inbox. Make sure to save the copy to your computer because the link will expire in a few days.

I know you will find this fascinating…Enjoy!

(Please note: I originally entitiled the book “2013 in the Bible” instead of “2012 in the Bible” because I did not want it to be misidentified with the popular 2012 theories (I do discuss the Mayan texts briefly but not in the context of the standard popular theories). However, in retrospect, I should have titled it what it is now, “2012 in the Bible: Prophecy Fulfilled in 2012 Heralds Coming Rescue and Destruction” because that Title more accurately reflects the contents. The older title is still in the document, but the original published material is the same.)

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19 thoughts on “Buy the E-Book

  1. Hi,
    I just bought your book and I wanted to thank you for all the extensive work that you have done and keep doing. You opened my eyes on so many things, it’s mind-blowing! I can only imagine how much time and efforts you put into it so I have a big respect for you.
    May God keep his/her blessing on you eternally

  2. Thank you for your work, it takes great courage to do what you have done. Although I do not agree with all that you write, I applaud your efforts to get to the truth; you put forward your version of events very clearly. I had already independently come to a similar hypothesis studying ancient legends, religious texts, astrology, history, speaking with people etc. It was a very scary journey for me as essentially I had to be prepared to go to hell for the truth and I have had many sleepless nights with what I have uncovered over my many years of study. Out of curiosity what do you think is the mark of the beast and what do you think is the mark of the LORD? I have several ideas.

    1. Thank you. Will let you know when it is published in print. As of now, you can print the pdf if you prefer a hard copy.

  3. Hello,

    I have wanted to leave comments and thank yous on your videos on YouTube but I am unable to do so. I appreciate your research a great deal!

    Please keep up the great work!
    Thank You! and Happy Holidays!!


  4. ӏ blog oftеn and I really appreciate yοur cоntent.
    Τhis artіcle hаs really peaked my іnterest.
    I am going to book mark your site and keep chеcking for new dеtails about once a week.
    I opted iin fοr your Feed too.

    1. The eBook is in PDF format. If you can read a PDF file on your phone, then yes. However, it is probably best if you print it or read it on a slightly larger screen 🙂

  5. Just wondering the length of the book. I’ve purchased similar items in the past for them to be less that 100 pages.

    1. The book is 340 pages, all sources are cited, and the content is mind-blowing! There are two videos on my YouTube channel in which I scroll through the book and show the Table of Contents. In addition there are many testimonials from others who have read the book. Just click on the title of the video above to view it on YouTube. There you will find two links in the description below the video that explain what is in the book and a step by step guide on how to purchase it, if you are unfamiliar with digital content. Thanks for your interest!

  6. Cannot wait to go over and read! As a student of TORAH this will be a blessing! For we who were raised in some form of Protestant KJ background this is gonna be a blockbuster-kinda like an interpreters guideline for new students. Thanks for all the EFFORT AND TIME FROM YOU! SHALOM!

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