Bible Predicts Asteroid Impact & Rescue 2017-2024?!

I’m glad you found this page because this information is meant for you.

This is not a religious site, but the ancient texts that were compiled in the book we now call “The Bible” are very special because they have been accurately predicting the future, and they indicate a catastrophic asteroid is about to hit earth in the next few years.

Please allow me to prove to you, using sound logical reasoning, that:

  1. The ancient biblical texts predicted recent future events in precise detail
  2. The texts expressed these predictions in code language
  3. The code language fits together like pieces of a puzzle
  4. The puzzle was not meant to be understood by ancient people, but for people living in the current era only
  5. The puzzle, when assembled, indicates an asteroid will hit the earth either:
    • Within the years 2009-2016
    • Or within the years 2017-2024
    • Or in 500 years, around 2454
  6. These codes also indicate people, animals, and other life will be rescued when the asteroid hits
  7. And those rescued will be held in a safe place off planet for 3.5 years and then returned to repopulate the Earth

Much of what you will see on this site is truly unbelievable, so if you feel a tendency to dismiss it, I hope you will not ignore the information, but instead attempt to prove it wrong. I have tried to prove it wrong many times, and failed. Current events in our world were written about thousands of years ago. I cannot explain why that is, only that it is true.

If you are interested, you can start your examination of this material either by reading the e-book (available as a pdf document on this site and in Kindle format on Amazon) or you can start by watching the video presentation series “Bible Countdown to Asteroid Impact“, or read the presentations in whatever language you prefer, starting with “Jesus Timeline to Asteroid Impact.”

I am in the process of making this information available in multiple languages on this site. You can translate everything that is in writing on this site by right-clicking on the page and selecting “translate”. If you cannot find the information you need on this site, the Amazon Kindle version of the e-book can also be translated. I apologize, however, that I cannot redo the charts in different languages at this time.